Our application process is simple, in just two stage: an application form and an interview.

To take the first step, please fill in our application form by 28th February 2017. There are two ways you can do this:

♦ Complete the application form online here,

♦ Download a PDF of the application form here, and return it to

Should you face any technical issues with the application process, do not hesitate to contact – we would be happy to help.

All applicants will be emailed by 10th March to confirm their status. Successful applicants will be invited to partake in an online/telephone interview in second /third week of March and final decisions on participation made no later than 31st March.

Please provide as much detail as possible. All applicant information will be kept confidential and treated in accordance with the data protection act. Should your contact details change please let us know ASAP.

If you are a carer wishing to accompany an applicant please complete and return one form for each of you.

Some more information…

♦ For military applicants it is open to all current and former service personnel (reservist or regular) – any service, rank, unit or trade. Carers are welcome as well.

♦ You don’t have to be or have been injured in service or otherwise to participate.

♦ No prior archaeological experience is needed. We’ll teach you everything onsite. Our archaeologists are some of the best in Europe and make up half of the team.

♦ There is a role for everyone no matter what your interest, injury or ability. From the outdoor physical work of excavation to more relaxed photography or finds processing. Whether working as part of a team or more independently it will be to a plan and not a crazy deadline. If you want to give something a go we’ll find a way to let you try it.

♦ It’s interesting, fun and rewarding which can do wonders for you and your wellbeing. It has proven popular with those with service related mental health conditions and offers a window into the non-military world that could inspire your future.

♦ Our work at Waterloo is academically internationally important. It will be seen by the public, published in books and journals and taught in universities.

♦ You will be in Belgium for 2 weeks (15 days) from Sat 08-22 Jul ’17.

♦ You will be picked up and brought back to London, by minibus and ferry.

♦ Accommodation is in a 3* hotel with facilities to manage individual needs.

♦ The team will consist of archaeologists, students, veterans and serving military personnel. Approximately 50 in total. 30 from the UK, 20 will be serving or veterans.

♦ Costs are minimal. Once you are on the minibus there is no need to pay for anything other than personal expenses you choose to. All archaeological equipment is provided.

♦ We run a sponsored reading event during the two week excavation and will ask for your help to raise funds for it. Participation in the event is not mandatory, but previous participants have always enjoyed it.