Ben Hilton

Summer excavation 2015

Ben found himself to be of great help at Waterloo Uncovered, despite his disability of being in a wheelchair. “No one is useless and there’s a task for anyone. Some days I would go to the bottom of a trench, have someone pass me a shovel and start digging.” His efforts paid off as he found musket balls that were fired over 200 years ago, which he described as “quite a moment”. The experience not only provided him with archeological knowledge, but also a whole lot of contacts he could ring up anytime for a nice chat or some advice. “My stay was a whole lot more than a 10‐day experience”, he added. The project had inspired Ben to make a career out of archeology and the team can provide contacts in the industry. It was an honour for Ben to have taken part in the project.
Ben in 2015