Conrad Hewitt

Summer excavation 2015

Conrad served in the Royal Military Police. When he was medically discharged, he first followed a career in IT as a business analyst, but when he was made redundant, he decided to follow his passion and study archaeology at Bangor University. While taking part in excavations with Operation Nightingale, he heard about Waterloo Uncovered and joined the team on the 2015 excavation.
Asked about his time on the dig, he said: “Archaeology, military conflict… Waterloo…  Couldn’t get better for an ex‐serviceman and student archaeologist! I learnt a lot about the battle that I didn’t previously know and it was great to apply my academic knowledge to a practical role.
Unfortunately, I didn’t really find anything myself: I was in the Rue du Loup [the Sunken Way] and if anything was found in a trench, I was conveniently doing something else — the joys of archaeology! But I enjoyed engaging with other veterans with similar problems and experiences. I have made friends that will last a lifetime.”

Since the WU 2015 dig, Conrad has completed a Master’s degree in archaeology, and he is currently [2017] writing a research proposal for a PhD.

Conrad in 2015