Find out about our work on site at Waterloo as we bring history to life

In our Discovery section you can read in‐depth reports of our work on the battlefield of Waterloo day‐by‐day with our Dig Diary. You can watch films which take you into the heart of the dig, featuring exciting new finds as they emerge from the Belgian clay, and the bigger picture that shows how our archaeology is casting new light on significant events in the battle; Catch up with the work on conserving and analysing the precious relics of the battle through the work of Waterloo Uncovered’s Finds Team -from musket and cannonballs to delicate coins, buttons and even human remains; Leading historians of the Napoleonic Wars share new insights from the point of view of different nations engaged in the fight that changed history. Meet some of the team and uncover their stories:

  • Archaeologists explain their passion for uncovering the past;
  • Keep in touch with members of the Waterloo Uncovered team as they take on new challenges, inspired by their time on the dig. Veterans and serving personnel speak frankly and movingly about some of their own experiences on service and explain how archaeology is helping them with their recovery and rehabilitation. 

Hear about dates for your diary -from special exhibitions and reenactments, to talks and conferences, fundraising events and the chance to catch up with us face‐to‐face at history festivals such as Chalke Valley. Follow Waterloo Uncovered in the media, as our story continues to grow from local to global.



Visit our gallery of images of the Finds as they were made, and new discoveries in the Finds Lab:

  • Guardsmen’s tunic buttons, found amongst the debris of battle, tell the story of the heroic defence of the North Gate of Hougoumont;
  • We discover evidence of a little‐known firefight raging around the wounded in Wellington’s Field Hospital;
  • We make an explosive discovery -and call in the bomb squad;
  • We uncover the gruesome evidence of the work of surgeons struggling to save lives;
  • We begin our search for the lost chateau of Frichermont, where the Dutch held out until Wellington’s Prussian allies came to his rescue.