Michael van Ginkel

Summer excavation 2017

Michael took part in the WU 2017 dig when he was given the opportunity through his studies for a master’s degree in Conflict Archaeology and Heritage at the University of Glasgow.

As a conflict archaeologist, being able to participate in an archaeological study of the famous battlefield of Waterloo was a fantastic opportunity. The high level of archaeological expertise and technology meant project results could easily rewrite commonly accepted narratives of the battle. The project’s structure, built around multinational involvement and emphasising the wellbeing of ex‐servicemen and women, formed another greatly enticing aspect of Waterloo Uncovered.

I had the opportunity to excavate in the killing field beneath Hougoumount’s Eastern wall, which was an extremely rewarding experience. I also spent a few days biking around southern Belgium reconnoitring the landscape for my dissertation, which focused on analysing the effect of terrain on Napoleon’s operational art during the Waterloo campaign.”

Since the excavation, Michael has finished his dissertation, and is now working in UK commercial archaeology

Michael van Ginkel