Alex Mitchell

Summer excavation 2017

Mitch served in 4RTR (Royal Tank Regiment) and in the Scottish Yeomanry. He left the army in 1996 and was plagued with PTSD for years. Now getting support and getting better, he was told about Waterloo Uncovered by Help for Heroes, and joined the WU 2017 team. A History lover, and itching to tour the battlefield of Waterloo, Mitch was looking forward to trying his hand at archaeology. He made his way down from Glasgow, and once on site, when volunteers were asked for doing finds photography, being a good clerk, he stepped forward — and discovered an interest in the processing and photographing of finds. “Taking the photographs, the guys in the trenches see what they dug out of the ground but we see everything. Bags of rusty nails, musket balls, beautiful cap badges, broken glass, pottery, musket balls, … everything.” Overall, Mitch summarised: “this is my first experience of any type of archaeology, apart from watching it on Time Team. I’ve enjoyed it greatly. Hopefully I can join an archaeological society, as there are a few in Scotland. But I would love to come back on the Waterloo excavation!”
Mitch in 2017