Moos Raaijmakers

Summer excavation 2017

Moos has been serving for the last 40 years in the Engineers Regiment of the Dutch army — and is still serving, but due to retire in 2023 and let his passion for restoring WWII vehicles become a full‐time activity. He was diagnosed with PTSD in early 2000, following a number of deployments, and was then able to get help and get better. In 2016, he visited the excavation as part of a Dutch army delegation, and in 2017, he took part in the project as a military participant — partly as a test run for other Dutch military and ex‐military personnel to get involved. By the end of the dig, he swore “I will be back no matter what, even if it is just for a day. I want to know what comes out of these trenches.”
Moos also gave WU some food for thought about the use of the word ‘veteran’ — for which the UK definition and Dutch definition differ. In the UK, it relates to having served even a day and left the military, while in The Netherlands, it refers to those serving or ex‐serving personnel who have been at war or on a mission. A distinction that matters and reminds us of the importance of multinational collaboration in understanding war and its impact.
Moos in 2017