Peter van Leeuwen

Serving soldier, Veteran
Summer excavation 2017

Still a serving soldier, Peter has been serving in the Dutch Cavalry for 35 years, and is not anticipating retirement until 2022.
As a Napoleonic re‐enactor, he has been touching upon the history of Waterloo before, and looked forward to coming onto the 2017 WU dig to dive into it in a different way. Little did he know, he would go on to spend two weeks finding out about the impact of re‐enactment on the work of archaeologists — as their dropped artefacts are found alongside 1815 items, and can make interpretations trickier if they require analysis to be dated. Peter also used his re‐enactment connexions to provide the 2017 team with an occasion to fire muskets in the garden at Hougoumont, with the assistance of himself and a re‐enactor friend. This was (quite literally) a resounding success!
A part of the Dutch test‐run of the excavation, Peter concluded on the last day “I think that I would like to come back a second time. I have had a good time.”
Peter in 2017