Service de l’archéologie-Direction extérieure du Brabant wallonwithout whom this project would not exist, regulate and oversee all archaeological works in the region. They have agreed not only to underwrite the necessary permits, but will be active participants in the project, providing valuable links to the local community and Belgian stakeholders.


The Centre for Battlefield Archaeology, Glasgow University, is a pioneer and world leader in the fields of battlefield and conflict archaeology and has carried out archaeological investigations on conflict sites ranging from the medieval to modern eras across the globe. The Centre will provide the project with essential expertise, not least through the provision of its Director, Dr Tony Pollard as lead archaeologist.


The Coldstream Guards have a historic interest in the battle and Hougoumont Farm in particular, where they famously “shut the gates” in the face of Napoleon’s rapidly advancing hordes. They have provided funding to maintain and restore the farm for over a century and will provide logistical and financial support for the project, as well veterans to attend the excavation.


The Defence Archaeology Group is an award winning, MoD backed, initiative to rehabilitate veterans and provide life and vocational skills through archaeology. They have extensive experience of running archaeological excavations with veterans and will take responsibility for veteran selection, management and any medical and special requirements. They will also provide assistance with fundraising and communications.


Gent University have provided the services of their Department. of Soil Management. They specialise  in mobile non-invasive techniques for soil inventory, including detailed archaeological prospections over larger areas. The team has prior experience at Waterloo where it surveyed successfully an area of 10 ha next to the farm of La Haye Sainte using an electromagnetic induction sensor in 2014. In the Waterloo Uncovered project they will provide mapped information of the gardens and fields surrounding the farm of Hougoumont to direct the field excavations. The team is currently also surveying the WW I fields near Ypres in Flanders and participates in the Stonehenge Hidden Landscape project.


LP Archaeology have been involved in commercial archaeological services since 1990. They are an example of worker co-ownership where all permanent staff are partners in the business. They Bring with them  variety of skills including data management and surveying.


University College Roosevelt (the Liberal Arts and Sciences University College of Utrecht University) will be providing undergraduate archaeology students to take part in our July excavations. On their return to the university they will conduct outreach work, for example in local schools to tell more people in the Netherlands about the project and the role of the Dutch troops in the battle. Students will also conduct their own undergraduate research projects supported by the team and UCR.




Anchor Vans the UK used LCV dealer of the year, have kindly donated vehicles to the project for transport to and from Belgium and around site. from the UK, Belgium, France and Germany. The project is an excellent opportunity for them to support veterans and work on a site of significant archaeological importance.

Army Benevolent Fund (The Soldiers’ Charity) who have supported a number of soldiers and veterans on the project.

The Cavalry and Guards Club who have lent us the sue of their meeting rooms and have kindly fundraiser on our behalf.

Grenadier Guards (Colonel’s Fund) who have provided funds for their solders and veterans to attend our excavations.

Help for Heroes who have supported a number of wounded and injured personnel on the project.


Heritage Daily is an independent online archaeology magazine, dedicated to the heritage and history of the world. We identified the need for a central resource offering the latest archaeological/palaeontological news, journals, articles and press releases. They have helped Waterloo Uncovered develop their Website, social media pages and other digital aspect.

JCB have lent us the use of one of their mini diggers for the July fieldwork. As one of the word leaders in diggers and construction machines with a JCB on site couldn’t really go wrong, and have been able to get much more work done than we would have without it.

Lt Dougie Dalzell MC Memorial Trust who have supported a number of soldiers and veterans on the project.


Project Hougoumont who own the land around Hougoumont Farm and have undertaken extensive work to conserve the farm buildings and discover their history.


P&O Ferries provided us with discounted ferry crossing from Dover to Calais. When you’ve got three minibuses of diggers and kit help like this makes a real difference.

The Rifles “Care for Casualties” who have supped a number of their overturns on the project.


Waterloo 200 is the government sponsored body responsible for the r bicentenary celebrations. They recognise Waterloo Uncovered as an important part of the 2015 program and will support and promote the project through the year.

The international archaeological community will provide leading archaeologists from the UK, Belgium, France and Germany. The project is an excellent opportunity for them to support veterans and work on a site of significant archaeological importance.

It has long been a legend that bodies were buried on the battlefield on Waterloo where they fell. Having restored Hougoumont as a living memorial to the brave soldiers that fought and died to defend it, this current archaeological initiative by the Coldstream Guards, including wounded soldiers from current campaigns is both fitting and admirable