Vicki Haverkate

Vicki works as the outreach officer for University College Roosevelt (UCR) in the Netherlands. On our summer digs, UCR students begin as novice excavators along with the veterans. Vicki has master’s in archaeology and worked for several years in commercial archaeology before moving into education and research. With Waterloo Uncovered, she is responsible for outreach and student support.

David Ulke

David welcomed the opportunity to join the Waterloo Uncovered excavations, having had 27 years’ experience in the Royal Air Force as a Nursing Officer specialised in mental health. “Waterloo Uncovered gave me the chance to participate as a medical expert or as a digger, but I ended up doing both! It was also an opportunity for me to explore an itch that needed scratching for many many years, since I’d been interested in archeology from childhood.” The project inspired him to undertake a degree in archeology at the University of Leicester and he is now in his second year. On the 2016 excavation, David was fortunate enough to work with a leading archeologist. “This year I spend my two weeks in a trench with Phil Harding” he said, “and that as an experience was just priceless. I couldn’t have learned from a better person, he’s an outstanding digger and a brilliant teacher.”

Major Charlie Foinette

Coldstream Guards Company Commander with a long-standing interest in Waterloo and a master’s degree in archaeology

Professor Tony Pollard

Professor of Conflict History and Archaeology and Director of the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology and at the University of Glasgow. An internationally renowned battlefield archaeologist Tony will plan and lead and the archaeological aspects of the project

Mark Evans

A Coldstream Guards and Operation Nightingale veteran. Mark left the army with PTSD and has written about the experience in his book Code Black. He has attended Operation Nightingale excavations in the UK and Cyprus and also has a master’s degree in archaeology

Dominique Bosquet

Attaché, Service de l’archéologie-Direction extérieure du Brabant wallon. Dominique will provide official Belgian representation as well as essential local and academic knowledge and will oversee the project on behalf of the Belgian authorities

Philippe De Smedt

Philippe De Smedt is master in archaeology with a PhD in geophysical soil prospection. Currently he is  a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Soil Management (ORBit team) of the Ghent University.

Marc Van Meirvenne

Marc Van Meirvenne is professor in soil inventory techniques at the Ghent University, Belgium. He is head of the Department of Soil Management and leads the ORBit team.

Gaille MacKinnon

Lead Forensic Anthropologist and Archaeologist with Alecto Forensics. Her expertise in these disciplines has been utilised in war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, mass fatality and terrorist incidents, transportation accidents, natural disasters and major crime investigations in the United Kingdom.

Dr. Stuart Eve

A Digital Archaeologist and Partner at L – P : Archaeology. Stuart has managed projects all over the world from large master-planning projects to implementing a new conservation management and monitoring system for a candidate World Heritage site. He is a also a bit of a whizz with Augmented Reality and mobile computing.

Alasdair White

Based in Belgium, Alasdair White is a well-known historian specialising in the Napoleonic period and has been a guide to the battlefields of the 1815 Belgium campaign since 1993. He is currently the Project Hougoumont Coordinator for Historical and Archaeological Research.

Peter Ginn

Peter studied archaeology at UCL before moving into television. As the co-presenter of the hugely successful BBC Victorian Farm series he has a history of documenting historical and archaeological events and programs. Peter will make sure Waterloo Uncovered is correctly recorded and document and broadcast to the public.

Tom Mollo

Director at Bell Potinger and a retired Coldstream Guards Officer, Tom has the ideal skills and experience to manage the project’s communications