WU People: Sylvain Robert‐Malbete

Sylvain Robert‐Malbete, learning about Hougoumont

Sylvain Robert‐Malbete (23) is a Coldstream Guardsman from London. He is learning more about metal detecting and Napoleonic history while excavating in the Car Park.

Back in England, Sylvain is part of the Coldstream Guards’ First Battalion. His right arm is covered in a Harry Potter‐themed tattoo sleeve. He tells me that his House is Slytherin, though he identifies mostly with Ronald Weasley. Sylvain has a lot of humour, and managed to smile and sing even after his team lost yesterday’s match.

With fellow members of the team, Sylvain eagerly digs on. “I want to find musket balls, cannon balls, bits of clothes… Finding a rifle would be amazing.” He is looking forwards to Saturday, when another member of his battalion will join us. “The team is great – everyone is getting along.”

What makes Waterloo Uncovered even more interesting to Sylvain is his connection to the Coldstream Guards battalions that fought here in the Battle of Waterloo. He would love to dig up anything belonging to one of his service comrades at the time of Waterloo. “That could have been me, 200 years ago,” he states with a sudden serious look on his face. “In a way, the past that we are digging up here is part of a story that I and my mates still live every day at work. Overall, for me, the best find I can imagine would be a Coldstream cap star (badge).”