The groundbreaking charity that combines world-class archaeology with veteran care and recovery

Welcome to Waterloo Uncovered

Waterloo Uncovered is a ground breaking archaeology project that began in 2015, revealing secrets that have been buried underground for 200 years. The project is run by leading battlefield archaeologists, and also includes wounded veterans from recent campaigns, helping to aid their recovery from injury and rehabilitation into life after the army. Hear some of their stories here.
Why Waterloo?
The Battle of Waterloo, which defined modern Europe and ended the Napoleonic era, has been studied by generations. But while the field remains remarkably unaltered, it has never been the subject of a comprehensive archaeological survey. This means that our understanding of the world’s most famous land battle is reliant on first hand accounts that are often confusing, inaccurate or biased. Only Archaeology can significantly deepen our understanding of the battle and bring to life what it was like for a soldier to fight and die at Waterloo.

Find out what we’ve discovered so far.