Descendants: Battlefield Tour

At Waterloo Uncovered, we often get visitors whose ancestors fought in the battle. Last Friday, we were visited by a group who toured the battlefield and came to see us at our dig at Hougoumont.

From left to right: Francis Seymour, Luke Ponsonby, Barney White‐Spunner, Kazmer Szalay, and Kristof Szalay‐Bobroviczky

Here are their stories:

Francis Seymour is a descendant of Captain Horace Beauchamp Seymour, who was on Lord Uxbridge’s staff.

Luke Ponsonby is descended from Frederick Ponsonby of the 12th Light Dragoons. He was severely wounded in the battle. Another relative, William Ponsonby, was killed. Luke himself served in the 9/12th Lancers.

Kristof Szalay‐Bobroviczky, The Hungarian Ambassador to the UK and his father, Kazmer Szalay, Their ancestor at the battle was William Fricke, Lieutenant in the 1st Light Dragoons of the Kings German Legion.