Since the project began in 2015, Waterloo Uncovered has grown a lot. With over 3500 finds in just seven weeks of excavation (over three years), we are learning more than ever before on the battle of Waterloo, transforming our understanding of it, and the lives of those who come on our excavations.

We’ve begun our work at Hougoumont Farm but there’s an entire battlefield still out there waiting to be excavated before it’s too late and the archaeology is lost forever. The more of the battlefield we explore, the more we will uncover; and the longer the project runs, the more serving personnel and veterans we will help.

To make the project work we rely on donations from trusts, foundations, charities and individuals. It costs around £1,200 (1,380 Euros) to take a serving person or veteran away with us for two weeks. That’s just £80 (91 Euros) a day to support their recovery, welfare, and transition into civilian life.

And we’re always happy to receive donations in kind. If you have a bit of kit (from a trowel to a JCB digger) you could lend or give us, we’d be only too happy to hear from you.

Please help us carry on our work — every bit makes a difference, and on this page you will find links to Just Giving, Paypal, and a donation form you can fill to donate in cash, cheque or direct bank transfer. If you have any technical issues, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Thank you for your support. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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