WU People: Keanie Trick

Keanie Trick

Keanie Trick (23) is an aircraft technician from Devon, UK. This year’s her second time on the dig.

Keanie (named after actor Keanu Reeves) dreamed of a life serving in the army since she was 6 years old. At the age of 16 she enrolled and became an aircraft technician. Recently, she has come down with a hip and back injury and will soon be medically discharged. In spite of this, her smile is definitely one of the brightest on site.

Last year, she was active digging. This year, Keanie will be helping the project from a different archaeological angle. Waterloo Uncovered has awakened Keanie’s amibitions in archaeology: “I was already interested in archaeology, but through the project I’ve made so many contacts in the archaeology business. I’ve had the opportunity to get such good experience that now I am looking at courses that can turn my hobby potentially into a career.”  Her mission this year is to collect antique photographs of Château Hougoumont and recreate a modern version of the same image. These two pictures can then be compared to see how Hougoumont has developed throughout the years.

It’s nice to come here and meet new people,” Keanie says. “Some might need support, so it’s great if you can make them happy — this whole project just brings so many people together.” In some ways, Keanie feels the project has changed her life. “I used to be so shy — and look at me now. In the future, I would like to help people to get over their mental or physical injury.” From her experiences on site, she picked up a new life motto, as well: “Today can be a bad day, but tomorrow might be a good day!”